Wall Ropes Basics

Jun 3
Gabriel Halpern
Wall Ropes Basics

Wall Ropes Basics

with Gabriel Halpern

One of the most versatile of all yoga props are the wall ropes. The possibilities are limitless with how many asana variations can be aligned and enhanced. A wall rope is simply a rope loop attached to an eye bolt in the wall. Many of the fundamentals that are necessary for further advancement in the yoga practice can be done easily and effectively with the aid of wall ropes. In addition to learning the basics of these amazing tools, duplicating a wall rope system at home will be demonstrated, instructed, observed and corrected. The poses upon which we will focus are standing poses in addition to hip and groin openers.


Saturday, June 3rd


$50 per Session

$90 for Both Sessions

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  • Workshop: Wall Ropes Basics
  • Date: 6/3/2017
  • Time:  2:00PM
  • Price: $50
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